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Do I need to call “Miss Utility” when I’m planning to dig in my yard?

Absolutely! They will coordinate with your utility service providers to have the location of the buried wires and pipes in your yard marked so that you can avoid a very expensive and potentially fatal mistake. For more information go to Miss Utility Virginia or the Miss Utility Maryland web site. BEHAN Electric is expert at installation of landscape and garden lighting systems and other projects requiring exterior wiring..

What is a GFCI outlet?

The acronym stands for Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). The GFCI outlet is designed to protect people from electrical shock and is different from a fuse or circuit breaker. It is typically used in wet or damp areas and is required by code for bath rooms, the kitchen, exterior plugs, unfinished areas in the basement, post lights, garage plugs, and more. BEHAN Electric can install GFCI outlets for renovation and exterior electrical, landscaping projects. More information about GFCI outlets.

I have lost power to approximately half of my house?

Call BEHAN electric. We will help you determine if the problem is related to your power company service or the wiring in your home.

My breaker will not reset, the fuse in my electrical panel keeps blowing out!

This is an indication of a potentially serious fault with the household circuit or a problem with an appliance that is plugged into the circuit. Behan Electric can troubleshoot problems related to short circuits, overloaded circuits, dead outlets, faulty switches and dimmers, etc.

What is an Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) and do I need one?

The Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter is an electrical safety device for the home that provides enhanced protection from fires resulting from unsafe home wiring conditions. Problems in home wiring, such as arcing and sparking, are associated with more than 40,000 home fires each year. These fires claim over 350 lives and injure 1,400 victims annually. Typical household fuses and circuit breakers do not respond to early arcing and sparking conditions in home wiring. By the time a fuse or circuit breaker opens a circuit to defuse these conditions, a fire may already have begun. An AFCI should not be confused with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI)s. The GFCI outlet is designed to provide protection from the serious consequences of electric shock.

AFCIs are recognized for their effectiveness in preventing fires. The most recent edition of the National Electrical Code requires AFCIs for bedroom circuits in new residential construction, effective January 2002. BEHAN Electric can provide you with experienced and qualified AFCI installation services.

More information about AFCI at the Ask the Builder web site

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